Entrance Page

1- Hats do not suit me?
First of all, it is important to clarify to the person who does not have "a head for hats" would quite simply be the one who does not have a head! For anybody on the planet with a head, there is  an appropriate hat.
2- Will I lose my hair if I wear a hat?
Hair loss  is hereditary. The brim of a cap or hat can only protect you from the rains, snow and sun. In the fourthies everyone was wearing a hat or a cap, if the hat would have been a problem, nobody today would have hair.

3- Am I too young to wear a hat?
For nearly 73 years, we have served customers aged between 7 and 107 years old.
4- How long Would a hat last?
This depends on its quality and you're care for it.  The more you will maintain your hat, the longer  it will last. Therefore, the same hat can last two years or even for 15 years with a proper care.
5- Why one hat is worth 79 $ and the other with the identical look costs 475 $?
It is the composition and workmanship of the hat which determines its price.  For example, a  hand made fur felt hat is more expensive than a wool felt hat. With egual care, the fur felt  will last longer. It is the same for a beaver fur felt   and a rabbit fur felt . The fur felt of beaver will keep its shape longer than rabbit fur felt under the rain or snow.
This is why  it is our pleasure to offer you a large choice of prices and quality.  

6- Do you clean hats?
At Henri Henri, we offer the service of cleaning and of re-blocking of fur felt hats and wool hats. The prices vary between 20 $ and 25 $ depending on the type of hat.  

7- What are your opening hours?
Mondays to Thursdays: 10 AM to 6 PM
Fridays : 10 AM to 9 PM
Saturdays and Sundays: 10 AM to 5 PM
8- Where are you located?
189 rue Saint Catherine East
Montreal (Quebec) H2X 1K8
Tel.: 514-288-0109 or 1-888-388-0109
Fax: 514-288-7529
9- Which metro station is the closest?
We are located at the corner of rue Hotel-de-Ville and rue Sainte-Catherine, between Berri-UQAM and St-Laurent metro stations.
  10- Do you have other products beside hats?
 Henri Henri is an excellent haberdasher. We have wool and silk scarves, gloves, canes, umbrellas, hat cases, hat stretchers, hat brushes, bolo ties, bowties, neckties, ascot, cufflings, tie clips, wallets, belt buckles, belts, suspenders, etc.